This is a list of the reviewers and interviewers who contributed to this ARCHIVED website.


The  Review Team

Nina Lazarus (Nina) – REVIEWS EDITOR
Nina is an academic with far too many qualifications for her own good, she is a professor of something very interesting when she is in the role of her day job, but prefers to keep mundane work and magic nicely seperated. When she is not lecturing or reading, she enjoys doing gardening and cooking to ground her in the world others tell her is the “real world”, though she often disagrees. Her specialist subjects include: Traditional Witchcraft, British Folk Magic, Thelema, Ceremonial Magic, Herbalism and the Tarot. She contributed an essay to Hekate Keys to the Crossroads in 2006, and writes for a number of journals, academic and pagan.

Sorita d’Este (Sorita d’Este) – REVIEWER / CONTRIBUTOR
She likes to describe herself as a student of “life’s little mysteries” with a particular love of Solomonic, Planetary and Elemental magic, and the mythology and lore of ancient Britain, Europe and Egypt. See for more details

Kim Huggens (kimhuggens) – REVIEWER
Kim Huggens is a 24 year old Pagan Tarot reader and PhD student in the Ancient History Department of Cardiff University. She is the co-creator of “Sol Invictus: The God Tarot” (recently published by Schiffer Books) and the forthcoming “Pistis Sophia: The Goddess Tarot”. She has had recent work published in Horns of Power, edited by Sorita D’Este, and is the Editor of online Pagan magazine Offerings. When not getting orgasmic about ancient voodoo dolls and Sumerian cunieform writing, she works in a vetinary clinic, plays Dungeons and Dragons, and practices Vodou.

Stephen Blake (Stephen Blake) – REVIEWER
Stephen Blake is a Wiccan initiate living in London. He hasn’t had to list his interests for a while, and is slightly worried that (despite his parents’ hopes for a prestigious career) he grew up to be a witch, a lab-coat-wearing scientist, and a ninja. Unfortunately he never managed the ‘international playboy’ role to round that collection off. Stephen enjoys researching varied esoteric subjects, meditating in nature, and inventing unnecessarily-complicated divination systems. He contributed an experiential essay to Horns of Power, an anthology examining the horned gods in paganism, ancient and modern.

Soror Chamos (sr_chamos) – REVIEWER
Renegade Crowleyite, dedicated Thelemite and living on the edge where the demons are, Ceremonial Magickian Soror Chamos is a lady in every way. She enjoys collecting magickal art, exploring the inner depths of the Solomonic Arts and building model aeroplanes.

John Canard (EnglishRootMagic) – REVIEWER
After a mispent youth in the Cambridgeshire fens, John was enchanted by a faery woman who enticed him to Somerset to live the ‘good-life’. When he is not writing or conducting experiments with magickal plants for alchemical experiments, he tends his menangerie of animals and grows organic vegetables. He is the author of “Defences against the Witches’ Craft” – see Avalonia Books for details.  He has also just started his own blog

Jonny Cole (JonnyCole) – REVIEWER
Jonny Cole has been on the front lines of occult bookselling for many years. When not fending off the crazy people that come with the territory, he writes articles for the pagan presses, grubs about in ditches, and occasionally consults for the BBC on matters occult, which makes him think he is more important than, in fact, he is.

Magi Nabarz (Corax) – REVIEWER
Magi Nabarz is author of ‘Stellar Magic’ (Avalonia, 2009), ‘The Mysteries of Mithras: The Pagan Belief That Shaped the Christian World’ (Inner Traditions, 2005), and ‘The Persian Mar Nameh: The Zoroastrian Book of the Snake Omens & Calendar’ (Twin Serpents, 2006) and ‘Divine Comedy of Neophyte Corax and Goddess Morrigan’ (Web of Wyrd Press, 2008). He is the editor of the ‘Mithras Reader: an academic and religious journal of Greek, Roman and Persian Studies’ (Twin Serpents). For further information: and



1/Archived reviews also include reviews written by a number of other contributors.

2/ Opinions expressed by individual book reviewers are exactly that : – THEIR opinion. As such the owners of this website would like it to be known that they are not responsible for, nor do they necessarily endorse or agree with the opinions expressed here by individual reviewers. Having the freedom to express individual opinion is part of the freedom of spirit and mind which comes with living a magickal life.

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