If you would like us to review your book on the Esoteric Book Reviewer please read through the information on this page:

Our focus is on providing balanced reviews of books which focus on all aspects of: Magick, Occult, Spirituality & Mysticism. This includes books on topics such as:

  • Witchcraft & Wicca
  • Goddess & Pagan Spirituality
  • Ceremonial Magick – including the grimoire tradition, Thelema and the Golden Dawn
  • Qabalah & Kabbalah – both western esoteric qabalah and Jewish Kabbalah
  • Tarot, Divination & Psychism
  • Academic works on subjects related to the above – including also historical paganism, magic & religion – as well as works related to ancient monuments and temples
  • Mysticism – including Pagan, Esoteric, Judaic & Christian
  • Mythology & folklore
  • Magickal Fiction

We are unable at this time to consider books which bear no relation to the above topics, if you are uncertain whether or not the book you want to send us does, please email us in the first instance to check.

All books received (providing it fits into one of the broad catagories above) will be reviewed by one of our team of reviewers. Sometimes, if a book gets a very different reaction from different people on the team, we may even write more than one review of the book. Book reviews will remain active on this site indefinitely.

Please send books for review to:

The Review Editor
The Esoteric Book Reviewer
c/o  BM Avalonia

If you wish to contact us by email please do so by emailing: esotericbookreview@googlemail.com

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