The Gods Within: The Pagan Pathfinders Book of God and Goddess Evocations

by Jean M. Williams and Zachary Cox

Published by Moondust Books, 160pp, PB

reviewed by David Rankine

This gem of a book is the work of two of the most active and dedicated contributors to British Paganism and Magick for the last 40 years. Do not be confused by the use of the term evocation, as the book is a series of 15 invcoations to different deities, each following a contextual essay which introduces the deity and gives a flavour for the invocation to follow. Each invocation is also accompanied by the recommended incense ingredients to be used for olfactory accompaniment.

Effectively this book is a modern work of Theurgy, encouraging the practitioner to manifest the qualities of the different deities in themself through working with the invocations. It stands as a bridge between the idea of the deities as embodiments of natural forces and as psychological archetypes. Whilst many people, may not subscribe to the psychological model being included in magick, it cannot be denied that it has its uses, as an expression of theurgy when perceiving the gods within and working the balance them with the forces of the gods without.

The deities included and covered in this work are predominantly Greco-Roman, with some egyptian and one Celtic, being Aphrodite, Apollo, Ares, Artemis, Athene, Dionysus, Hermes, Magna Mater, Pan, Persephone, Zeus, Bast, Nuit, sekhmet, and the Morrigan.

Jean Williams and Zachary Cox have bene running Pagan Pathfinders sincer 1975, ran the Rainbow Bridge ritual group for many years, published Aquarian Arrow magazine for 15 years and have been involved with the running of the Pagan Federation since the early 1990s. This work is, I believe, the first of many that we will see from the pens of these elders of the mysteries (in the true sense of the word), and I look forward to the further offerings drawn from their experience. Buy it and enjoy.


On the Mysteries of the Egyptians, Chaldeans and Assyrians
by Iamblichus
Sema Institute

Reviewed by David Rankine

This work is one of the magickal classics, yet has been largely ignored by the modern pagan movement. The lucid discussions of the theological nature of deity and the soul, together with the emphasis on perfection of the self through the practice of theurgy is one which deserves far more attention than it currently receives. Theurgy is not a quick-fix solution though, and requires dedication and devotion, so perhaps that is why it has been ignored. Even modern psychology owes much to the concepts of theurgy as expressed by Iamblichus, for what is self-realisation if not the reification of the divine within through the union of the disparate parts of the psyche and soul?