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By Payam Nabarz

Avalonia 2009, RRP £12.99

PB, 208 pages, ISBN 978-1905297252

The stars have influenced mankind with their magic from time
immemorial, as evidenced by Archeoastronomy; instructing astrologers
and priests, guiding sailors and inspiring poets. For millennia,
cultures all around the world have told their myths and legends
through the canvas of the night sky. Yet despite the immense
significance of the constellations and stars in the ancient world,
stellar magic has been largely ignored in recent centuries.

In this inspirational and practical Liber Astrum, the author draws
together material from ancient, classical and medieval sources;
spanning East and West, fusing modern poetry with ancient magic,
mysticism with myth and ritual with recital to lift our gazes back to
the heavens.

The author’s breadth of scholarship is seen in the spectrum of
material he weaves together, from sources as diverse as the Hymns of
Orpheus and Plato’s Timaeus to the Zoroastrian Yasht hymns and Persian
Pahlavi Texts, the Sufi works of the Ibn Arabi and Rumi; from the
Chaldean Oracles and the Greek Magical Papyri to the Books of Ezekiel
and Enoch, from the Picatrix and the Sefer Yetzirah to the works of
John Dee, Rudolf Steiner, Gerald Gardner and Aleister Crowley. The
poetic inspiration of the stars is also expressed through material and
ideas by such luminaries as John Milton, Gerald Manly Hopkins, Sylvia
Plath, Robert Graves and W.B. Yeats.

Through the enchanting words and ceremonies provided to lead the way,
timeless journeys to the stars are woven around the participants.
Included amongst the rites are ceremonies with the constellations of
Perseus & Andromeda, Cygnus, Orion, the Pleiades, the Great Bear,
Draco, the twelve signs of the Zodiac, the star Sirius, the Moon, the
seven classical Planets, and the Stellar World Cave: the Mithraeum.

This is a highly accessible, succinct and practical book on a complex
subject, which will benefit anyone interested in the magic of the
stars, from the casual observer of the night skies to the dedicated
magician or mystic.


Priestess of the Forest: A druid Journey

by Ellen Evert Hopman

Llewellyn, 350pp, PB

reviewed by John Canard

This is a historical fantasy novel set in the 3rd century CE, in an Ireland which is starting to feel the influence of the Christian expansion through Europe. The plot and style are both reminiscent of Marion Zimmer Bradley’s Mists of Avalon, though not in a bad way. The book is an enjoyable read, with the plot moving at a good pace, and the characters are given a good degree of rounding which engages the reader.

The central themes of duty and love as poles or partners is a well-tested one, and there are no real surprises in the plot. One of the most obvious uses of this book is of course to give a flavour of how druidry could have been. To this end there is an inevitable juxtaposition of our modern views on how the ancient world was, along with chants and theological views that we cannot attribute hisotrical basis to. Nonetheless it would be a good teaching aid for those wishing to get more of an appreciation of the use of herbcraft, and the essence of druidry as a nature-based spirituality. This book is an easy read which will benefit those interested in the subject matter.

The Voice within the Wind
of Becoming and the Druid Way

to be born of the earth sweet mother of life
to know that i shall return to the rich darkness
and become one with she
who gave me my moment of self
i am her child and i love her”
From Earth Songs

The Voice within the Wind by Greywind is a thought provoking look into the world of a Druid.

Starting of with some absolutely beautiful nature poetry and then looking at the journey and life of a Druid, the beliefs, religion and looking at the metapsycal truth – its a personal journey. This book is not an instruction book, it does not tell you how to become a Druid, it does not give you rituals and creeds – but it does give you a deep insight into the Path – from someone who has been walking the path for more than 30 years, insight that can only be given from experience and practice.

The Druid Animal Oracle
Working with the Sacred Animals of the Druid Tradition
Philip & Stephanie Carr-Gomm

If you are a lover of nature and animals, and have ever wanted an alternative to the Tarot, here it is! Drawing on their vast experience as two of the foremost writers and proponents of the Druid revival, Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm have produced a modern masterpiece.

The 33 cards are beautifully illustrated, and full of symbolism in every plant and aspect of the landscape within them, as well as the beautiful depictions of the sacred animals.

The book is full of information about the qualities of the animals, enabling the reader to use the oracle to help develop themselves, their relationship with nature and with the power animals they may discover and work with. There is also a wealth of folklore about the various animals in the Celtic myths and legends.

The book is well laid out, with useful cross-reference tables for ease of use, and details of different ways to work with the cards. As you may have guessed I fell in love with The Druid Animal Oracle when I first saw it years ago, and would strongly recommend it to anyone irrespective of their spiritual path. Buy it now!