Gateways to Health series

Secrets of Meditation: Simple Techniques for Achieving Harmony by Philippa Faulks

Secrets of Rejuvenation: Zen Warrior Exercises by Martin Faulks

Self-Healing Reiki: Healing for Mind, Body and Soul by Brian Cook

The Five Healing Tibetans: Simple Exercises for Rejuvenation and Health by Jason Gyre

reviewed by John Canard for the Esoteric Book Review

These small books are tasters, or perhaps more correctly, primers, which give the reader an introduction to the techniques contained within.  The material is largely accurate, though in some places it seemed to me to be too simplistic even for a primer, e.g. in the secrets of Meditation, the page on the chakras tells you briefly about them and that you can focus on them.  The investment of anothe rpage with a meditation would have been worthwhile here.  Nevertheless the rest of the book is good, as are the others.  They would make ideal gifts for people who are new to a spiritual path, or not rigidly following a particular way, and who want to focus more on their subtle energy and being more balanced and healthy, which is the underlying theme running through all of the books.  I particularly enjoyed Secrets of Rejuvenation, as for me this struck the greatest chord of balancing the information about the technique with the practice, making it a very lucid guide.  All in all an interesting read, and worth looking at if you are doing any energy work.