It is rare to encounter a book amongst the many being published today which truly looks at a subject from a new perspective, with eyes wide open and with a passion which goes all the way to the core.  Stellar Magic by Payam Nabarz is one such book and I was honoured to be able to attend the launch party for this book at the Atlantis Bookshop in Museum Street, London and to have my copy signed by the author.  A copy which will be much treasured in years to come. The event was very well attended and I was greeted by the friendly staff and made to feel welcome with a glass of wine to boot!  Payam spoke about the book, giving little insights into each of the chapters and it was really good to be able to get a feel for his passion on the subject, something which is so evident in the book too.

Stellar Magic is a Liber Astrum, a book of the stars.  For those who have not been fortunate enough to encounter this new book by Payam Nabarz, who is well known for his work on Mithras, as yet details can be found at the Avalonia website.   I include it below for convenience and will be writing a review very soon!

The stars have influenced mankind with their magic from time immemorial, as evidenced by Archeoastronomy; instructing astrologers and priests, guiding sailors and inspiring poets. For millennia, cultures all around the world have told their myths and legends through the canvas of the night sky. Yet despite the immense significance of the constellations and stars in the ancient world, stellar magic has been largely ignored in recent centuries.

In this inspirational and practical Liber Astrum, the author draws together material from ancient, classical and medieval sources; spanning East and West, fusing modern poetry with ancient magic, mysticism with myth and ritual with recital to lift our gazes back to the heavens.

The author’s breadth of scholarship is seen in the spectrum of material he weaves together, from sources as diverse as the Hymns of Orpheus and Plato’s Timaeus to the Zoroastrian Yasht hymns and Persian Pahlavi Texts, the Sufi works of the Ibn Arabi and Rumi; from the Chaldean Oracles and the Greek Magical Papyri to the Books of Ezekiel and Enoch, from the Picatrix and the Sefer Yetzirah to the works of John Dee, Rudolf Steiner, Gerald Gardner and Aleister Crowley. The poetic inspiration of the stars is also expressed through material and ideas by such luminaries as John Milton, Gerald Manly Hopkins, Sylvia Plath, Robert Graves and W.B. Yeats.

Through the enchanting words and ceremonies provided to lead the way, timeless journeys to the stars are woven around the participants. Included amongst the rites are ceremonies with the constellations of Perseus & Andromeda, Cygnus, Orion, the Pleiades, the Great Bear, Draco, the twelve signs of the Zodiac, the star Sirius, the Moon, the seven classical Planets, and the Stellar World Cave: the Mithraeum.

This is a highly accessible, succinct and practical book on a complex subject, which will benefit anyone interested in the magic of the stars, from the casual observer of the night skies to the dedicated magician or mystic.

Available from The Atlantis Bookshop, other esoteric and occult shops and directly from Avalonia.

ps. There are some photographs of the event available at the Avalonia WordPress Blog.