Ecstasia: An Introduction to Transcendental Music and Dance by Julia R. Zay

reviewed by Sr_Chamos for the Esoteric Book Review

This is a book of passion and dance, which does exactly what it says.  However it should be understood that the material, which covers a lot of ground, has been synthesised by the author into a working system of trance dance.  As a result, although someone with experience could cherry pick from her material, if you are new to the idea of trance dance, you are probably better off going with the whole system and following the guidelines she has set, which are the result of extensive experience.

The material is extremely practical, without leaving out reference ot the symbolism and magic, and drawing on good sources.  From Ficino to Orpheus, folk tales to drums, the scope of this book is considerable, and reflects the desire of the author to present a pure experience undiluted by the modern tendency to spoon-feed and make things easy.  This is not about easy – it is about results, which is an entirely different ball game!  I loved this book, now let the dance take you!