Servants of the Grail: The real-life characters of the Grail legend identified by Philip Coppens

reviewed by Nina Lazarus for the Esoteric Book Review

This fascinating book presents a completely different take on the Grail legends – placing them out of the realm of myth and firmly in the chain of history.  The author places the events of the Grail legends within the Spanish royal court of Aragon during the period 1104-1137, and furthermore identifies various of the protaganists, especiallyPerceval.  He also claims that the Grail was in fact a foundation stone, similar to those found at Jerusalem and Mecca, or in Freemasonry.

Another intriguing premise is that the cup is actually the fourth Hermetic treatise, known as The Cup, bringing the distilled essence of thousands of years of Greco-Egyptian magic and religion into the spiritual nature of the Grail, and establishing its value as an emblem of living a worthy life.  This book merges pagan and Christian concepts, tying together a huge range of paths and information, from King Solomon to the Knights Templar, from Ethiopia to Aragon.

In the post-Dan Brown era, here is a book which opens the Grail debate again, this time in entirely new directions, some of which may finally provide some definitive answers, and show how the merging of real and mythic has been and will continue to be one of the underlying drives in human history.  Highly recommended reading for the enquiring mind!