Walking an Ancient Path: Rebirthing Goddess on Planet Earth by Karen Tate

reviewed by Nina Lazarus for the Esoteric Book Review

Books which describe a person’s spiritual journey range from the sublime to the ridiculous.  Happily this book does not come across as the latter, being full of information which makes it more useful and acceptable than the unbelievable saccharine of certain books by well known angel authoresses.  As someone who has experienced Fellowship of Isis rituals firsthand, I found her descriptions of the rituals led by Lady Olivia brought a big grin to my face, as I saw the mental images they conjured up floating past my eyes.

For a book which might seem a light read, this is not a light read!  As you read through the experiences, places, cultures and goddesses, you are offered a perspective which encourages you to go outside your comfort zone and look further.  In this the author demonstrates a real skill in bringing to life her experiences in a way that people can relate to, making them move beyond personal and more into universal.  For this I commend her as a true priestess, whose service above ego approach is quite frankly a relief after some of the genre books I have read!

This is a book which is from the heart, and reaches to the heart, whilst contributing to the feeding of the soul.  Read and enjoy!