Reality Transurfing: 1. The Space of Variations by Vadim Zeland

reviewed by Herbwoman for the Esoteric Book Review

At last a self-help book that takes the most obvious and essential view – don’t hate yourself or feel that you have to change – rather change your environment or reality.  Whilst it could be argued that the latter is common in self-help books, inevitably it is by loving yourself more or buying the rest of the author’s books.  Which has always puzzled me – as surely is self-help books work you should only need one?

Many books rely on pseudo-science to sound impressive and bambouzle the reader into thinking they are receiving profound wisdom, so it is refreshing when the author actually has a background in quantum physics, and can actually walk the walk as well as talk the talk.  In some ways this book is the Tao of Self-help, as it encourages a path of going with the flow, but not in a lazy way, rather in an understanding the flow and then using it to your advantage kind of way.

I enjoyed this book, which offers interesting perceptions, a book of magick without rituals, where everything depends on you using the power of your mind – hurrah!