Gwyn: Ancient God of Glastonbury and key to the Glastonbury Zodiac by Yuri Leitch

reviewed by John Canard for the Esoteric Book Review

This is an intriguing work on a subject dear to my heart – the ancient gods.  This book explores the ancient British world around Glastonbury, focusing on Gwyn ap Nudd, who although many may consider him Welsh, has strong connections with Avalon.  The author is a talented artist, and his (often portrait style) pictures grace the pages of the book and add another layer in places, expressing most eloquently some of the associated themes.

This book is not afraid to challenge views, and disputes the whole connection of Joseph of Arimathea to Glastonbury, or indeed any Christian connection until the fifth century CE.  The author also points out how the church in Glastonbury was built at virtually the only spot where the Tor is invisible, hidden behind Chalice hill!  The amount of folklore about Gwyn ap Nudd is refreshing, and the author presents a strong case for his arguments regarding the associations of the British gods and the landscape.

I enjoyed this book, and would recommend it to anyone else interested in the Celtic world, Glastonbury, Gwyn ap Nudd or earth mysteries, it is a refreshingly well written and illustrated work.