Tantra Sadhana: A Practical Introduction to Kaula Magick by Mogg Morgan (Sahajanath)

reviewed by David Rankine for the Esoteric Book Review

Mogg Morgan is one of the great invisible pillars of the modern magical revival.  He has contributed continuously and over a wide range of fields for the last thirty or so years, always producing quality, be it as magazines, events, groups, lectures or books.  This book, Tantra Sadhana, is an excellent example of his work.  It is full of practical, interesting, and more enjoyably, exciting material which you want to try out.

The material is divided into two main sections, with the second building on the first, and then a wealth of rewaring material follows in the appendixes.  The author starts by laying the foundations, explaining the nature of Tantra, and then moves on to explore practice (sadhana), sounds (mantra), images (mandala/yantra), gestures (mudra), consecration (nyasa), meditation (dhyana), ritual (puja), initiation (diksha), magick and liberation and individuality.

The second section goes into the the practices and exercises of the Sadhana, the month long practice which helps the practitioner align themselves with the essence of these techniques and discover the currents they embody.  This is lucidly laid out in a way that makes the practice extremely accessible.  Ganesha the elephant-headed god who removes obstacles also is honoured, with information on practices with him included in this section.

The appendixes are like a treasure box of assorted gems.  It includes such subjects as invocation of kundalini, the grammar of tantra, Ganesha legends, the demon doctrine and the roots of Tantra, the Tantrik knuckle bone oracles, the Hindu lunar calendar and many others.  There is also a poignant supplement entitled When your guru goes gaga, recounting the problems that arose for members of Amookos with their guru prior to his death.

All in all this is an excellent and very enjoyable book, which should appeal to anyone interested in magic, not just tantra, as much of the material is thought-provoking whatever your path may be.