Secrets of Planet Earth: Wisdom of H-A revealed by Tony Neate

reviewed by Sr_Chamos

This book was difficult for me to review, as it is on a subject which immediately makes me sceptical, i.e. channelled wisdom.  Until such channelled wisdom provides new information about something useful to science, rather than speculative stuff about this area being this chakra of the earth that anyone could make up, I remain unconvinced.  I know many people find these books comforting and useful, but to me they are just one person’s perception, possibly coloured by something else.

So to try and give an unbiased flavour of the book, here are the chapters to provide a clearer idea:

In the Beginning, Planetary Consciousness, The Garden of Eden, The Fall of Atlantis, Return of the Gods, The Olympian Civilization, Issues Concerning Race, The Mission of the Nazarene, The Rise of Religion, The Soul of Avalon, The New Earth, The Atlantean Heritage, Return of the Christ, Collective Responsibility, The Way Ahead.

The book tells us what we need to do to make the world a better place, sadly like all the others of its ilk, it doesn’t provide any useful methodology for doing so.  If you enjoy channelled material then you will probably enjoy this, otherwise read something which focuses on facts not fictions.