Avalonia Books is proud to announce that BOTH SIDES OF HEAVEN will be released as our “coming of age” title on the 25th of June.   This book is the 21st title to join our growing catalogue.bothsidesofheaven

Edited by Sorita d’Este

Look up towards the heavens and open your mind to the infinite, for it is there that you will see the colourful multifaceted world of winged messengers – Gods, Angels, Fallen Angels and Demons.

BOTH SIDES OF HEAVEN is a collection of 18 essays by some of the foremost modern esoteric writers, occult scholars and magicians. In their personal contributions they share their experiences, research and unique insights into the spiritual realms of the mysterious beings who have played such an important and inspirational role in human spiritual history.

From the nature of the daimons of the Graeco-Roman world, the Zoroastrian Ahuras and Daevas, the seductive Lilith and mighty Lucifer, through to the Fallen Angels of the Bible and the Book of Enoch, and their children the Nephilim, we find that these powerful beings are harbingers of change.

In this anthology their magical natures are explored through the works of Renaissance magicians such as Dr John Dee and Edward Kelley, Dr Thomas Rudd and more recently Madeline Montalban, as well as in that of the experiences of the contributors themselves. The ceremonies and conjurations of grimoires such as the Key of Solomon, Goetia and Grimorium Verum are considered, as well as adaptations thereof and simpler, personal encounters.

When you look at Both Sides of Heaven seeking wisdom and knowledge from the wings of ethereal messengers, you will see legions of angels and demons, archangels, fallen angels, old gods and even a few faeries and green butterflies. And maybe, they will be looking back at you too.

A Host of Winged Messengers – Sorita d’Este
Fallen Angels and Legends of the Fall – Rufus Harrington
On the Wings of Rebirth – Katherine Sutherland
The Myth of the Fallen Ones – Michael Howard
The Enochians – Aaron Leitch
Madeline Montalban, Elemental and Fallen Angels – Julia Phillips
Azazel & Shemyaza – Diana Allam
Thirteen Unicycles in the Woods – Adele Nozedar
The Salvation of the Sidhe – Emily Carding
The Green Butterfly – Dan Harms
The Fallen Angels and the Goetia – David Rankine
Demons & Devils – Maestro Nestor
Grimoires for Pagans – Jake Stratton-Kent
The Thwarting Angels – Stephen Skinner
Loving Lilith – Melissa Harrington
The Face in the Mirror – Charlotte Rodgers
Between Gods and Men – Kim Huggens
Zoroastrian Angels and Demons – Payam Nabarz

BOTH SIDES OF HEAVEN is available for order from Avalonia, as well as from Amazon another good bookstores.