The Drums of Legenderry by John Orlando

Review by Herbwoman for the Esoteric Book Review


This book is available from where you can also find more information on the author, his writing and his drumming.

It took me forever to read this book, even though it has been sitting waiting for me to read I just didn’t for one reason or another.  So when I finally picked it up over the past weekend I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was a very enjoyable and very much an unputdownable read!

The author’s style is quite naive in places, but that is part of the joy and besides this book is all about the story which is magical and mystical, mysterious and fun.

“The Rhythm Maiden bestows a marvelous gift upon the villagers of Legenderry, but mankind doesn’t seem to be ready.  Her son Jocco has special powers using illusions that he brings into play in resourceful ways.  Jocco’s brother, Shaedo, is a clever manipulator of shadows.  Together they trick people and also a destructive, young giant, but sometimes the tricksters get tricked themselves.  They ask Cornelius Pinty, a university graduate with a doctorate degree in elfin anthropology, to record the highlights of their adventures.  This written record, left in a time capsule, is the Drums of Legenderry”

This is a unique work of fiction which transports the reader into another world.  As such I would recommend it to all lovers of magical fiction!