Talk to Me: When the Dead Speak to the Living
by Jimahl Di Fiosa
Flyingwitch Productions

Reviewed by Sorita d’Este for the Esoteric Book Review

This book is one of those rare gems that delivers a heartfelt message based on experience, from a bedrock of common sense and compassion. The essence of that message is that anyone can communicate with the spirits, and they have a great deal to say to anyone who is willing to make the effort to talk to them. Jimahl gives many personal accounts that strike a chord for anyone who has had any experiences with ghosts, spirits or haunted places. His story of the experience that caused him to finally write the book, with his “near-death” train journey sent a shiver up my spine, and was told with such clarity I could see it happening in front of me as I read the pages.
In a field where there have been too many mediocre works, this book shines out as a sensible, enjoyable and practical beacon. He provides a well-explained and thorough discussion of how to use ouija boards (or spirit boards as they are also known), describing the possible pitfalls such as over-communicative spirits who don’t want to leave you alone when they realise you are listening. Technology is not ignored, with advice on the use of EMF (Electromagnetic Field) meters, EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) and digital cameras for spirit photography.
Jimahl’s parting words at the end of the book sum up the essence of the book well, whilst also emphasising his integrity and experience:

“In learning to speak with the spirits we learn how to believe once again in magic – not the smoke and mirrors kind of magic – but the magic that occurs when we awaken within ourselves the infinite power of self. When we learn to love ourselves again and trust ourselves again miracles will happen.”