The Esoteric author and folklorist David Rankine will be giving a free talk on Friday, 29th May at the “HOW THE LIGHT GETS IN” philosophy and music festival in Hay on Wye.  This is the first festival of its kind in the UK and coincides with the week of the Hay on Wye Guardian Book Festival.

David will be speaking about the research he did with Sorita d’Este for their book “Visions of the Cailleach” (this is billed incorrectly on the festival program!)

The Cailleach is one of the most intriguing and significant figures in British folklore. Some tales portray her as a benevolent and primal giantess from the dawn of time who shaped the land and controlled the forces of nature, others as the harsh spirit of winter. Occasionally there are hints that she may represent the survival of an early sovereignty bestowing earth goddess, or her ancient nature-based priestess cult. In the last twelve hundred years the Christian overlay has both demonised and canonised her.

Tickets are FREE (though you have to book online to reserve a place to ensure that you have a place).  Go to  —— and scroll down to 29th May, where you will find David’s talk on the Cailleach listed under “Myth and Magic”.

You will learn about about this unique figure of British mythology from one of the foremost modern esoteric researchers who is well known for his work in this field. For more information on the Cailleach and the book by Sorita d’Este and David Rankine see

We hope to see you there!