Stealing Sacred Fire

Storm Constantine

published by Immanion Press

RRP £14.99, PB, 352p

reviewed by Sr. Chamos

I found this quite a difficult review to write, as I have not read the previous two books of the Grigori Trilogy, and so had to take the book as a stand alone. It also must be remembered that this book was written before the millenium, and so could be seen as being allegorical in many ways, when in fact any similarity between events in the book are more likely to be the result of the imagination or psychism of the author!

Fallen angels ae an interesting brand of hero, as they are implicitly a form of anti-hero. This book, which has the leader of the fallen angels, Shemyaza, as the central figure, is a very enjoyable read. You do not need to have a knowledge of the many mythic themes which run through the book to enjoy it, from ancient Sumeria and Egypt to the Book of Enoch, the author clearly knows her subjects. As a conspiracy novel it does not really harbour any surprises in the protagonists, but the biggest surprise is perhaps in the clever ending.

Most action novels seem to need to have climactic violence and high body counts to end on, with a moral message of good triumphing. However the last few chapters of this book deal with the spiritual journey of Shemyaza as he strives to pass through the unseen realms successfully to understand his own nature and urpose. This unusal device of placing the most important spiritual journey as a reflection of the physical journey made by the heroes is an excellent demonstration of the principle of “As above, so below”, reinforcing the subtle magick and spirituality found throughout the book. A thoroughly enjoying read.