Sekhem Heka
By Storm Constantine
A Natural Healing and Self-Development System

Published by Megalithica Books
RRP £12.99, p236

Reviewed for The Esoteric Book Review

The author of this book is better known for her fictional work, in particular The Wraeththu Chronicles and Grigori books. When I was offered the chance to review this book I was excited at the thought that someone who is such a well known author in a different genre was also writing on the subject of magick and paganism, without hiding behind a pseudonymn or doing so in a super plastic way. This book is nothing of the kind, throughout it shows deep understanding and plenty of experience of ritual and magick which the author obviously holds.

I found the book a good and interesting read. For me personally Reiki and Sekhem holds very little appeal, however the way in which the author combines her knowledge of this system with that of Egyptian ritual, Goddess mysteries and Egyptian magick (Heka) combines into a surprisingly usuable and workable system. The workings are all aimed at self development and healing, which would therefore also appeal to a larger audience of people who are interested in using ceremony and healing energies for such ends. This is by no means a historical representation of Egyptian ceremonies (if that is what you want, check out “Heka” by Rankine, Avalonia, 2006) – but the rituals given do certainly draw from historical sources.

Sekhem Heka provides an interesting seven tiered degree system based on Egyptian symbols and hieroglypics, it is aimed at energy healers and workers as well as those who are practising magick in different systems. I can see this system benefiting those who are looking for an alternative to the various pagan traditions which often don’t fulfil the need for spiritual growth and development in the same way as a mystery school. Recommended, without a doubt.

“Drawing upon her experiences in Egyptian Magic and the energy healing systems of Reiki and Seichim, Storm Constantine has developed this new system to appeal to practitioners of both magic and energy healing alike. Incorporating ritual and visualation into a progressive journey through the seven energy centres of the body, Sekhem Heka can be practiced by those who are already attuned to an energy healing modality, as well as those who are simply interested in the magical aspects of the system”