Fifty Years of Wicca

By Frederic Lamond

Frederic Lamond or “Robert” as he is also known, was initiated into Gardnerian Witchcraft in 1957. This quite possibly makes him one of the longest practising Wiccan Witches alive today and he did so continuously. He is a true Elder of the Craft! Over the years he has been involved with The Fellowship of Isis, The Children of Artemis, The Pagan Federation, The Church of All Worlds, The Parliament of World Religions and many others. His other books include The Divine Struggle and Religion Without Beliefs.

In 50 years of Wicca he recounts many of his experiences and shares his ideas which have been formed by his experiences. At the time of writing he had been walking this path for 50 years, adapting and innovating one what he had been taught all this time. He was initiate of the Bricket Wood Coven working with them during the 1950’s and 1960’s. He witnessed many of the events which some of us are left to speculate about and often learn about through second and third hand accounts. Fred’s accounts can be considered to be directly from the proverbial ‘Horses Mouth’. His perspective is unique and as such this is a book which should undoubtably be read by everyone interested in Wicca.

The book is specifically aimed at initiates of second and third degree, but there is no doubt that others would benefit from it too. Some knowledge is useful and those completely unfamiliar with Wiccan terminology might struggle to follow the stories at times, but Lamond’s writing style flows and shows his many years worth of experience, so it is still an entertaining read.

Amongst the many chapters in this wonderful little book we find “Encounter with Aphrodite”, “Gerald Gardner”, “Life in the Bricket Wood Coven” and “An Evening with Alex Sanders”.

Highly recommended to anyone interested in Gardnerian Wicca or any form of Wicca.