Encyclopedia of Gods

Over 2500 deities of the world

By Michael Jordan

Review by Soror Chamos for The Esoteric Book Review

Now I have to admit that I have owned this book for maybe ten years now. So it is by no means a new book! However, I found myself referring back to it yet again today and released that this was probably one of the books I used most to reference deities from around the world when I want to look up something quick. There are great A-Z’s with more information on a specific area, but this book covers all the different pantheons and provides starting points for further research. Everything from the Aztec gods like Quetzalcoatl (The Feathered Serpent) to Buddhist deities such as Vikalaratri (twilight night), Nabu the God of Writing and Wisdom from ancient mesopotamia or Nyx the primordial Greek goddess of night are given encyclopedic entries.

This book has been around for a long time, and will be around for some years still. Its a classic. If you don’t have it yet, look around for a copy, its worth it.