Grimorium Verum

Edited and translated by Joseph Peterson

CreateSpace Publishing, PB, 240pp

reviewed by David Rankine (

This book maintains the extremely high standards we have come to expect from Joseph Peterson, both in scholarship and clarity. Peterson provides a translation of this notorous grimoire, together with the original French and Italian texts for completion. In his Preface Peterson discusses the outline of the method given, emphasising the derivative nature of the Grimorium Verum from the Clavicula Salomonis. As I am currently finishing off our edition of The Veritable Key of Solomon with Stephen Skinner, it was nice to see verification of the information connecting the two which we had already uncovered. Peterson also discusses the demonology of the Grimorium Verum, including a useful index of angels and demons mentioned at the back of the book.

In the style we have come to expect, Peterson has taken the trouble to fill in any gaps where he could, such as by including copies of drawings which were missing or poorly executed, by using the originals from the manuscripts they were drawn from, such as Clavicula Salomonis, the Grimoire of Honorius and Le Grand Grimoire. The study of the textual sources and demonstration of the provenance of the respective texts is as thorough as you would expect.

The material in the Grimorium Verum speaks for itself, being a curious blend which reflects the late nature of this grimoire in the line of the grimoire tradition. If you have not encountered Peterson’s work before, then this is as good an introduction as any. He is one of the premier magickal scholars today, and his books should all grace the shelves of any serious student. That his edition of The Lesser Key of Solomon is out of print is a crime which should be rectified immediately. Peterson’s website demonstrates the level of work he has put into the grimoire tradition, which many have chosen to pilfer. This has inevitably irritated him, as demonstrated by the malediction to such thieves he has included in the book. When you can buy the CD of his website, which contains much extra material, so cheaply, one can hardly blame him for his annoyance. Joseph Peterson deserves our thanks and appreciation for his contribution to the magickal revival, not to be treated like a candy store to steal from. Buy this book and you will enjoy and appreciate his work, which is at the top of the field.