Witchcraft Today by Gerald Gardner

Published by Mandrake Press

With the restrictions on what people like Gardner felt they could legally say in public lifted, Gardner set about making the Wiccan material available in a non-fictional form. In 1954 Witchcraft Today was published, with a foreword by Margaret Murray, one of the big influences on Wicca. Although it contains less detail of the actual ritual practice than High Magic’s Aid did, this book was laying the groundwork, giving a context to the practices of Wicca through historical and mythical detail and practice. Fifty years later we may know now that some of the ideas are not accurate, but the value of this book is in enabling us to enter the mindset of Wicca as it was being born, and giving us insight into the thoughts and beliefs of the man who started it all – Gerald Gardner. As with High Magic’s Aid, this book is a must for anyone seriously interested in Wicca.