The Voice within the Wind
of Becoming and the Druid Way

to be born of the earth sweet mother of life
to know that i shall return to the rich darkness
and become one with she
who gave me my moment of self
i am her child and i love her”
From Earth Songs

The Voice within the Wind by Greywind is a thought provoking look into the world of a Druid.

Starting of with some absolutely beautiful nature poetry and then looking at the journey and life of a Druid, the beliefs, religion and looking at the metapsycal truth – its a personal journey. This book is not an instruction book, it does not tell you how to become a Druid, it does not give you rituals and creeds – but it does give you a deep insight into the Path – from someone who has been walking the path for more than 30 years, insight that can only be given from experience and practice.