The Shamanic Way of the Bee
Ancient Wisdom and Healing Practises of the Bee Masters
Simon Buxton

The author of this book puts forward the idea that “bee shamanism” might be the most ancient and enigmatic form of shamanism. In this book he gives what he believes to be evidence for such an ancient practise, but unfortunately the book, in some places, reads more like the journeys of Don Quixote in places, but then in many ways, one can see how the journey of a shaman could be like pure fantasy!
I picked up this book with eager anticipation as I love bees, but I was disappointed. It focus is on the personal journey of the author and on known facts from around the globe about bees, which makes much of the “facts” seem circumspect. However, it is a beautifully written book, and certainly comes recommended to anyone with an interest in shamanism, as well as anyone looking for inspiration when working with bees or other hive creatures.

“Simon Buxton is a beekeeper, the British faculty for Dr. Michael Harner’s Foundation for Shamanic Studies, and the founder/director of The Sacred Trust, a U.K – based educaqtional organization dedicated to the teaching of practical shamanism for the modern world. He lives in England and teaches internationally.”