Rune Cards
Brian Partridge & Tony Linsell
30 cards, with 96 page booklet
Published by Anglo-Saxon Books

Ever the skeptic I did not expect much from this (yet another!) deck of cards, but what a surprise!

The Rune Cards are beautifully illustrated, with exquisite black and white images. 29 of the cards contain images which correspond to one of the 29 runes using in the Anglo-Saxon “Rune Poem”. The additional card is described as a “Wyrd” card which is optional when using this deck for divination or inspiration.
It is written in a clear and precise way, containing useful background ifnormation and an introduction to the use of the cards.

In addition the booklet also includes a useful table of comparison for the Anglo-Saxon Runes towards the Old English and modern English rune names. The introductory Rune Ritual guide will be of great help to people unaccustomed to working with these powerful magickal symbols, and the introduction to casting lots and rune casts invaluable to those who have not done much divinatory work.

Recommended to everyone with an interest in Runes or Saxon Magick which they would like to explore. The cards also make excellent meditational aids, for use as Astral Doorways into the various landscapes.