The Good Alternative Travel Guide
Exciting Holidays for Responsible Travellers
Mark Mann for TourismConcern

Published by EarthScan.

That an exciting book! Full of ideas for holidays around the world for people who would like to contribute to local economies in an ethical manner whilst benefiting from very interesting experiences! There are no package holidays or high rise resorts in this book!

There is something in this book for everyone, stay in a longhouse in Malaysia and watch out for the orang-utan, or go snorkelling in the Philippines, go trekking in the lesser known areas of Nepal, learn about medicinal plants in Bolivia, stay with a local family on the Solomon Islands or go on the look for Elephants in Zambia. All this with the knowledge that the money you are spending will benefit the local community more so than any package holiday, that your pleasure time is not damaging the environment and that your are likely to come away having learned lots about the local customs and culture, rather than spending all your time in a holiday with people from your own country!