The Gods of the Celts
Miranda Green

Published by Sutton Publishing

Review by Dr Nina Lazarus

“an excellent detailed survey by one of our leading authorities on Celtic religion… an important contribution”
The Antiquaries’ Journal

This book is facinating and rather than the often fabricated or creative thought given by many authors writing on Celtic religion and Gods, this book gives well thought out and researched material which gives ample information for those wishing to work with the Celtic deities of our ancestors. It includes information on geographical and archeological remants left by the Celtic people, as well as a vast quantity of material on the various cults of the Sun and Sky, mother-goddesses, healers, animals and symbolism which should provide lots of inspiration and material for anyone wishing to work with these Gods. Highly recommended to anyone interested in Celtic Spirituality – in fact, I would go as far to say that it is a must.

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