The Beginner’s Guide for the Recently Deceased
A Comprehensive Travel Guide to the Only Inevitable Destination
By David Staume

The Beginner’s Guide for the Recently Deceased by David Staume is published by Llewellyn 2004

The title of this book was witty enough and to hint at the clever humour throughout, but don’t be fooled, this book is full of excellent insights on what it is (well might be) like on the Astral and what existence is like after life in this realm ends.

With practical tips on how to work with the chakras and develop your intuitive skills, use positive thought and generally live a more creative, powerful and meaningful life too, the author takes you on a journey through a world which is magnificent and more interesting and diverse that the one you currently live in – the astral realms.

There is not much more that I can say, apart from if you are still interested, read it. I leave you with the opening words in the preface:

“The Beginner’s Guide for the recently Deceased is written for the dead. If, however, you are yet to make the transition, we suggest that you pour yourself a glass of wine, settle back into a comfortable chair, and let the author take you on a guided tour of the extraordinary.”