a Grimoire of Practical Magic
Ann-Marie Gallagher

Review by Sorita d’Este for Avalonia  (archive 2001-2004)

SPELLCRAFT – Charm your way to success at home, work or school, and in love, life and relationships with this 21st-century guide to magic.

This book contains a blend of spell ideas and techniques drawing from modern traditions from all over the world – all presented in a simple to follow and understand format and beautifully produced in this hardback volume which would make a perfect gift for a friend or loved one who has a curiousity regarding spells.

Spellcraft would appeal to mature teenagers who just want to learn the techniques and do spells, who wants explanations on the “how to” rather than the long philosophies so many modern books present instead.

Spells in this book are tailored for practical every-day situations – for a new job, promotion, success in exams, to stop bullying, harmony at work or school and how to get a salary raise, there are also spells for love and to help you get rid of unwanted attentions.

Published by Carroll & Brown Books