Seven Ways to Effective Magic
Edited by Elen Hawke & Martin White – contributors include Martin Duffy, Anna Franklin, Poppy Palin, Morgana SidheRaven, Leah Whitehorse

Review by Sorita d’Este for Avalonia  (archive 2001-2004)

This book is different. It includes contributions by a number of experienced practioners, all contributing their experience and views to this interesting work. If you are new to Witchcraft and want to perform your own spells and rituals, then this book should be added to your “must read” pile. It will give you ideas, and insights on a wide range of topics from seven very different practioners:

Song of the Star – By Leah Whitehorse is a beautifully and poetically written account of her views on magic and spells; Elen Hawke examines the powers of nature and tools; Martin White looks at what magic is; Martin Duffy contributes an excellent section on correspondences and occult laws, Anna Franklin writes about the Eightfold ways of magic, Poppy Palin looks at wild enchantments and her section on lunar magic should help would-be spellcasters who want to work with the moon and finally Morgana SidheRaven provides the last section of the book which looks at seeking magical advice and why it is sometimes needed.

Highly recommended to all who want more than just a “recipe” book.