Self-Initiation into the Golden Dawn Tradition

Chic Cicero &
Sandra Tabatha Cicero

Published by Llewellyn

This huge volume (800 pages!) is as full of material as Regardie’s original classic, The Golden Dawn. Once again the Ciceros have made available a huge body of material, of particular value to the solitary practitioner who prefers to work alone or does not have access to a G.D. lodge.

The subtitle of the books is “A complete Curriculum of Study for both the Solitary Magician and the Working Magical Group”, and it is just that! The book is divided into six massive chapters, each one detailing the appropriate information, knowledge lectures, meditations and work pertinent to each of the first six grades of the Golden Dawn.

The chapters are unsurprisingly “The Neophyte Grade”, “The Zelator Grade”, The Theoricus Grade”, “The Practicus Grade”, “The Philosophus Grade” and “The Portal”. As with the Ciceros other works, this is essential reading for any serious student of the Golden Dawn material, which is of benefit to students of all levels of competence.