shaking, swaying & serpent mysteries
Jan Fries

Published by Mandrake of Oxford

Few contemporary writers come up with fresh and absorbing perspectives and information as consistently as Jan Fries. In Seidways he covers the rarely explored world of trance and possession techniques. The material ranges widely in his illustration of trance techniques and cultural uses, from Mesmer and Austin Osman Spare to Desert Tribesman and Voodoo.

This book does not just give a comprehensive overview of the use of trance techniques through the worlds culture and history however, it also gives simple yet detailed instructions on how to induce trance in yourself – to shake and sway to unheard rhythms, the rhythms of the spirit. As if this were not treat enough, the author also ranges through a selection of myths looking at the power of mythical and magickal creatures – serpents, dragons, giants. Norse and Celtic myths are especially considered for threads of interest and value in this illuminating book. A must-read book to stimulate the mind and the body!