Sacred Drumming

(include 60-minute drumming CD)

By Steven Ash

(edited by Renata Ash and foreword by Wallace Black Elk)

Review by Sorita d’Este for Avalonia (archive 2001-2004)

Sacred Drumming by Steven Ash is published by Godsfield Press, 2001

“The beat of the sacred drum pushes through emotions and intellect, connecting us to our inner selves and the spirits. Let it enhance your life, enabling you to stretch out and beyond yourself and reach inside as you feel the rhythm. “

Sacred Drumming is an inspiring work of art for anyone interested in developing their drumming skills within a sacred context. The author is an experienced teacher and his love and enthusiasm for the drum as a tool to enter into spririt world is evident. The book includes information on the historic use of drumming, gives advice on what to look for when purchasing a drum and even provides information on how to make and paint your own. The excellent introduction on ‘learning how to drum’ is inspiring, especially if you tried in the past and failed to create a sound that you liked this should inspire you back to trying againI particularly enjoyed trying out drumming with the accompanying CD and working through the various exercises! In short, this book is highly recommended to anyone who is considering learning to drum or who is looking to further their knowledge and experiences.