Practical Magic for Beginners
Techniques & Rituals to Focus Magical Energy
Brandy Williams

Review by Sorita d’Este for Avalonia  (archive 2001-2004)

This book is one of the “For Beginners” books produced by Llewellyn Publishing, and it is an excellent example of a book which does exactly as it says on the cover. The author, Brandy Williams, is a Wiccan High Priestess and Ceremonial Magician, and it is obvious that she drew on her wide ranging experience when she wrote this book.

Magick is about doing, and this book is a guide for beginners on how to start. It contains introductions to all the essential techniques and practises which are often referred to in other beginners books, but never explained – ie. Even though this book is aimed at beginners, it is aimed at beginners who want to learn and who want to do, rather than someone with a passing interest.

Working through the book, you will learn how to work with Energy, the Elements, the planets, how to time your magick and how to do results magick. There are some excellent example rituals for practical purposes such as “Find a Home” and “Go on a Journey”.

The book is packed with practical exercises and practical, straightforward advice. Recommended to all beginners, as well as those of you with some experience, but who are finding it difficult to get results from the spells and rituals you are doing.