Looking for the
Lost Gods of England
Kathleen Herbert

More information:

This book is a collection of research done by the author on the heathen practises of England, showing the worship of Gods and Goddesses such as the Earth Mother, Nerthus.

She examines many old documents to discover the clues to the pre-christian Gods and Goddesses in royal geneology, charms and poetry. She also examines place names in England today which hints at their connection to a time when England had more than just the Christian God!

In addition the book also includes a Pagan Calendar based on the dates of Old English festivals and observances, there is a collection of songs and dances which can be used in Spring and Summer rituals, a glossary of place names and many maps illustration the distribution of people, places, poems, stories and both Old England (The land of Engle) and England in the late 5th century.

An excellent and well researched book, recommended to all of you looking to include the Gods of England in your own practises, or who is simply curious and wants to find out more.