Early English Charms Plantlore and Healing
Stephen Pollington


“An unequalled examination of every aspect of early English healing, including the use of plants, amulets, charms, and prayer.” The book also looks at the practises of Anglo-Saxon witchcraft, shamanism, tree-lore, omens, dreams, runes, Gods, Elves, Dwarf, and theories of magick which were held at the time.

The author also brings together the smaller details such as the ingredients used in magick, with careful referencing showing the sources.

Significantly the book also contains transcriptions of three of the most important Old English manuscripts related to magickal practise: The Lacnunga (sometimes called the Spell Book), The Herbarium Manuscript, and Bald’s Leechbook. Again the author exceeds all expectations with his careful analysis and conclusions on various ingredients and methods, based on his knowledge and research into the subject.

This book would make a truly wonderful addition to your collection, and all with an interest in English and Saxon magick and healing will benefit from making a careful study of the material therein. Both academically sound and filled with material which can be used today.