Imagining Robin Hood
A.J. Pollard

Who was Robin Hood? As popular now as ever, many pagans love the story of the man who lived freely amongst the trees, with his group of outlaws – made ever more popular by the TV series during the 1980’s.

This book is a compelling new study by A.J. Pollard, Professor of History at the University of Teesside, who examines the different versions of the story of Robin Wood which was circulated around the time the legend of Robin and his merry men were first recorded.

It seems that there was no Maid Marion, that Friar Tuck was not that an important part of the story, and that Robin himself was most certainly not an earl, but a yeoman.

This book should be compulsary reading for anyone interested in the myths and stories and history of Robin Hood. The book itself is beautifully produced, with a good collection of colour plates and the author’s deep passion and understanding of the subject shine through on each and every page. Highly recommended!