Celtic Christianity
Making Myths and Chasing Dreams
Ian Bradley

Also available from The University of Edinburgh Press

Many people today are drawn to the myths and the spirituality of the Celts. Although many of you reading this will probably be more interested in the Pagan traditions of the Celts, this book might still interest you.

It examines the five major traditions of the Celtic Christian Revival, by looking at the work of seventh and eighth century writers who created the cults of Celtic Saints, many of which still survives to this day. It gives a clear and unbiased analysis of the history, which makes for a facinating read, giving many new insights into the religious, cultural and intellectual history of Ireland, Scotland, Wales and England.

Althought there are only a few illustrations, it compliments the text and helps to build a picture of the true nature of this revival. This book will be of interest to anyone with an interest in Celtic Spirituality – whether Pagan or Christian – you should find it an interesting read, I certainly did.