Caring for small woods
By Ken Broad

Caring for Small Woods by Ken Broad is published by EARTHSCAN, 1998

“A practical manual for woodland owners, woodland managers, woodland craftsmen, foresters, land agents, project officers, conservationists, teachers and students.”

Many of us love to go for woodland walks and some even consider purchasing a private land for our own enjoyment, but what exactly does looking after such a piece of land entail?

This book is written by someone with many years of practical experience of forestry and reading this book will not only help you understand what exactly is involved, but also many of the pitfalls to avoid.

His enthusiasm for the subject is evident throughout, he makes no attempt at romanticising the amount of work and energy that is needed to care for even a small piece of land.

With everything from information on grants available through to advice on coppicing, pollarding, selling and using wood and many useful tips and contacts throughout this book comes highly recommended to anyone thinking of, or already managing a woodland of any type.