Becoming Magick

By David Rankine

Published by Mandrake of Oxford

This is a very exciting book, which would interest anyone with a modern and progressive approach to magickal practise. The systems presented are given to be explored, and to inspire other new ideas.

The book is a collection of essays and ideas – this includes What is Magick and How does it work?; The Importance of Maat; A ritual opening; The 9 gates and the Magick Sphere; Angle Webs; Mantra Webs; Nightside Squares; The Prime Qabalah (a system of English Gematria); Beyond the Numberical Horizon – Inspirational Gematria; The Esoteric Symbolism of the Hebrew Alphabet, A New Analysis of IAO; The Kalas; KiaLiaMiaNiaSia – The Mantra of Becoming; The Mass of the Feather and the Scale; Eating your Words – Magickal Ingestion; The Trans-Uranian Magick Squares; There are also appendixes for Prime Qabalah Attributions; Hebrew Symbolism and more.

This book is aimed at people with some knowledge and experience of magickal work, and is suitable for intermediate / advanced students. If you have an interest in ceremonial magick, qabalah, gematria, thelema, Ma’at or related subjects you will probably find something that interests you in this book!