Awaken your Goddess
A practical guide to discovering a woman’s power, a woman’s glory
Liz Simpson

This book is a spiritual self-help book for women. It is designed to challenge the reader and make them examine their lives to see where they are disempowered, where their strengths and weaknesses are, and how they can develop their feminine power. The book is full of exercises, self-exploration questions, affirmations and is themed around goddesses from different cultures using the maiden, mother, crone model.

The choice of goddesses is interesting, though a few modern myths are perpetuated, like putting Hekate in as the crone. I also found the tendency to go off on about how patriarchy has repressed women, quoting writers known for their bias, some what unnecessary in the beginning of the book. Nonetheless it is a nicely produced and well-thought out book that should encourage the reader to take charge of their life and develop the sacred feminine power within, so it is worth reading, as there is much to learn within its pages.