An Introduction to Old English
Richard Hogg

Edinburgh University Press –

What is a language book doing in an esoteric website’s book review section? I can imagine that this might puzzle more than a few people, but hopefully it is intriguing enough for you to be reading this review with your full attention.

As a former student of linguistics myself, it always puzzled me that so many modern Pagans and Witches use so called “Old English” in their chants, charms, rituals and invocations, often incorrectly. When I saw this book, I thought that it make a valuable contribution to the collection of any student of magick who already use or who plan to use “Old English” with any effect in their rituals.

This book is an easy to understand and follow manual which was designed for students who are unfamiliar with the formative stages of the English language, all the basic elements of Old English is covered, including nouns, adjectives, verbs, syntax, word order and vocabulary – with useful comparisons with the modern language. The practical exercises and glossary is very useful – as is the recommended reading section, which is ideal for anyone wishing to take their studies to an advanced level.

This book is the ideal introduction to Old English, and removes the need for bad language use which was (mostly) invented by some of our Wiccan and Pagan forebears circa 1940’s & 1950’s!