A Voice in the Forest
Spirit Conversations with Alex Sanders
Jimahl DiFiosa
(Revised and Expanded – New Edition)”

I was sent a book from America called A VOICE IN THE FOREST. I was prepared to be skeptical, as there have been so many false contacts with Alex. I worked with Alex in mediumistic circles for many years and knew his techniques well. The contact described within the book was so obviously true it gave me goose bumpts. After Alex’s death, the rites of “sending forth” were performed …. (but) it would seem that Alex still had something to say, showing that some things never change”
Maxine Sanders, as told to “The Guardian” newsletter

“In the evening solitude of a New England campsite, Wiccan initiates make contact with the spirit of the departed Alex Sanders, founder of the Alexandrian tradition”

I opened this book with more anticipation than many, and started reading. At first I thought … “NO WAY” this must be a joke! Some of the questions posed to the spirit of Alex Sanders seemed very juvenile and self-centred and made me wonder about the validity of this book. However, I persevered and read the entire book.

I asked a couple of friends, both of which knew Alex Sanders to read the book and give me their opinions of it. In both instances, they told me that they had no doubt that it certainly sounded like Alex.

This book will be of interest to anyone who had contact with Alex Sanders during his magickal and colourful lifetime, as well as people with an interest in the Alexandrian tradition. Even if you read it with a large dose of sceptism, you should find it an interest read. I still feel that many of the questions which were posed during the various sessions were naïve, but then what would you do if you somehow made contact with the spirit of Alex Sanders – King of the Witches?

This is not a biography, but it is an interesting read which will, if nothing else, give some insight into the workings performed by the members of the coven. Wouldn’t go as far as saying it is a must for anyone who follows one of the many witchcraft traditions today which were directly inspired by the work of Alex Sanders, but certainly it would make an interesting read!