The most complete tabular set of Magic, Kabbalistic, Angelic, Astrologic, Alchemic, Demonic, Geomantic, Grimoire, Gematria, I Ching, Tarot, Pagan Pantheon, Plant, Perfume and Character Correspondences in more than 777 Tables

By Stephen Skinner

Published by Golden Hoard Press & Llewellyn

Review by Dr Nina Lazarus

For many years the standard text for magickians, of all persuasions, in need of correspondences was Aleister Crowley’s 777 and for good reason. Before the publication of Stephen Skinner’s “The Complete Magician’s Tables” 777 was indeed the best available and most complete text on the subject , even though it is a 100 years out of date! This is no longer a problem, as this book by Stephen Skinner finally replaces Crowley’s work in leaps and bounds making it, without a doubt, the new standard text for all magickians in need of tables of correspondences.

This monumental work, a true labour of love is dedicated to Fra Volo Inteligere, that is Gerald Yorke to the rest of us, who Skinner cites in his dedication as a friend and mentor to him, who preserved and kept alive the work of Aleister Crowley. A fitting dedication for this book indeed!

The tables presented are easy to use. They are presented in alphabetical order, starting at “A” with Angels (Biblical, Apocryphal and Gnostic), through to “D” for Dr John Dee (of course!), “G” for Geomancy, “S” for Sacred Geometry, “T” for Tarot, and “Z” for Zones of the Mind, Body and Soul. Every subject you can possibly ever need correspondences for is covered and can provide many hours of browsing, pondering and awe for those who have inquiring minds and like to read all their books cover to cover, even if they are reference works like this one! A subject Order Listing of the Tables is also provided, this provides a good cross reference for those who are uncertain of what they are trying to find.

Skinner provides us with an excellent introduction to the book, which looks at the history of correspondences, Aleister Crowley’s Liber 777, the Paths on the Tree of Life and a variety of other practical issues. To complete this “complete” book he also provides his readers with commentary following on from the tables of correspondences, which which considers and provides valuable contextual material for those using the material presented in the tables.

There are, as I write this, already three editions of this work which was first published at the end of 2006 available. A limited edition leatherbound edition which is available only from the publishers ( for those who like making investments in books, as well as an ordinary Golden Hoard edition (HB) available from the same website, and an American Edition which was co-published with Llewellyn Books (HB).