(Revealing their intuitive gifts and hidden abilities)
Sylvia Browne


Review by Dr Nina Lazarus
(Reviewed August 2007)

There are many books available on the subject of “psychic children” and if I was going to recommend one, it wouldn’t be this one. I was given this book to review as I grew up as a child with psychic abilities and was lucky enough to have parents who encouraged me. The author of this book seems to encourage any creative uttering of any child to be viewed as “psychic” which, nice as it might seem, is simply not the case. I had a vivid imagination as a child, but I could and can distinguish “fact” from “fantasy”.

This book would appeal to people who want to believe their children is special, who miss the point that all children are special and who need someone else to justify it for them. In this Sylvia Browne will provide them with enough ammunition. The book is filled with self-justifications, self-agrandisement and complete self-delusion. The opening paragraph of the book had me checking the back blurb again to make sure that I wasn’t in fact reading a fantasy novel, it didn’t get much better. For a book I looked forward to reading, this one certainly let me down in a big way.