Path of Alchemy: Energetic Healing & the World of Natural Magic (Pathways to Enlightenment) 
by Mark Stavish

Reviewed by David Rankine

This book remedies one of the main problems in publications about alchemy – it is both understandable and practical! The basic practices and symbolism of alchemy are detailed, with emphasis on spagyrics (plant alchemy), including how to make various tinctures and plant stones. The author is to be commended for laying open so clearly this complex area of esoteric study.

This book is not for the lazy! It gives you material that will take years to work through, though it is all explained in a way that will encourage you to try things and see for yourself. It has certainly got me thinking about purchasing some of the equipment to give it a go!

A cautionary note, some of the alchemical symbolism differs from the classic Qabalistic symbolism. The author does explain this, so pay attention to these sections to avoid confusion. All in all this is an excellent practical and thought provoking book that I would recommend to everyone who is genuinely interested in magick. I hope the author will write a further book exploring the wealth of alchemical symbolism with a similar level of clarity to further the availability of the huge corpus of alchemical material which is largely ignored today. Now pass me that alembic!