Pagan Monotheism in Late Antiquity 
by Polymnia Athanassiadi
Oxford University Press   

Reviewed by David Rankine            

If I told you that, Paganism is not always polytheistic, would you be confused?
Then this book is exactly what you need to read.
This book looks at the Paganism of late antiquity in a refreshing manner, without making unsupported assumptions which are often the mainstay of other books of this kind. It shows how many who celebrated the Gods and Goddesses during the late ancient period held monotheistic beliefs and how some of the followers of the Christian religion during the same period had polytheistic beliefs!
If you have an interest in classical Paganism, Gnosticism, the Cult of Theos and/or the Chaldean oracles this book is an absolute must read to put into context the finer details of the religious and philosophical beliefs of the time. If you use the term ‘pagan’ to describe your own spiritual path, this book will certainly give you some food for thought!
Whilst written in an academic style the authors are all well qualified and write in a distinguished manner showing their expertise of a range of disciplines, including philosophy, philology, theology and history.