Kabbalah for Health & Wellness 
by Mark Stavish

Reviewed by David Rankine

Having thoroughly enjoyed the author’s previous work “The Path of Alchemy”, I was interested to see how this book would read. I set aside my initial feeling of concern at the bizarrely coloured Tree of Life on the cover to concentrate on the material within. Once I started reading I was not disappointed. Mark Stavish has a very easy to read style that expresses ideas simply and in manageable quantities, an ideal formula for introducing the reader to the Kabbalah and its use for energetic healing. This is an excellent primer not just for anyone wanting to do energy work, but for an initial approach to Kabbalah. Whilst I may have disagreed with the author on odd points, I would strongly recommend this book as a very good basic introduction to Kabbalah and its use in energetic healing, exactly what it say in the title, in fact!