History of Ancient Egypt: An Introduction 
by Erik Hornung
Cornell University Press

Reviewed by David Rankine

This is a vivid chronological history of the civilization of ancient Egypt from its foundation some 5000 years ago to its conquest by Alexander the Great in 332 BCE – effectively the first half of written human history. It is based on Professor Hornung’s unrivalled knowledge of archaeological and documentary evidence, and provides as straightforward a story as the varied nature and extent of that evidence allows.
From 3050BCE through to around 642CE Egyptian culture developed and evolved, leaving the modern student with so much to decipher and understand that it might just take a lifetime! This book is ideal for anyone who wants to enrich their knowledge and understanding of Egyptian magick and religion through an understanding the history of this ancient culture.
The book works through the different stages of cultural and political development in ancient Egypt, working from the Archaic period through the old, middle and new kingdoms and the late period. The Chronology at the start of the book provides an excellent time line reference guide. Both the author and translators are distinguished Egyptologists and this book is evidently the result of much research and work, and is as such highly recommended for all interested in history and particular Egyptology.